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Captain Snag, the mobile gourmet hot dog van - catering to events, country shows, harvest & music festivals, rodeo's, fairs, fetes and other happenings. We provide fantastic gourmet hot dogs and hot chips, cooked on-site and served with a selection of refreshments.

If you think you know of an event that we should be at, let the Captain know!

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The Snags

So you thought that there was no such thing as a healthy Snag, well like most things, what you put in will be exactly what you will get out.   The Captain Snag Hot Dog is made from a full meat sausage, with some of the more popular flavours available.       Captain Snag's Hot Dogs have found the the right mix.

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Where we Roll

Don't be surprised where Captain Snag may 'rock up'.  From the Flinders and Copper Coast to the Riverlands or the Adelaide Hills down to the Limestone Coast.  If the event is worth happening then it is likely that Captain Snag will be there.   Checkout out our Location Page for where we will be next!

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Been there ....!!

Check out some of the events and action that Captain Snag has attended, in our Photo Gallery.

People identified in Photo's used on this site, will be entitled to a FREE Hot Dog at our next event.

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